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The Best Selling Reading Program in America Today

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Teaching People The Ability to Read and Comprehend at Speeds Beyond Their Dreams for 25 Years.

PhotoReading is "mentally photographing" the printed page.  The human eye requires only a few fractions of a second to register the information in the brain.  Using this technique PhotoReading can "mentally photograph" printed pages at rates exceeding one page per second!

In a sense, PhotoReading creates an other-than-conscious mental history as if you had read the book before.  You will have little or no conscious knowledge of the book as you PhotoRead  it.  The next step is to "activate" the information.  This is what you will learn in class.

Since you are involving your whole mind, the "other-than-conscious mental history" serves to create a foundation for a deeper level of learning than is possible with traditional reading techniques.  This means that your comprehension will be richer and fuller, your understanding of the material will be more through, and the value of the information will be enhanced.  This means increased productivity.  For many, this is the true beauty of the PhotoReading system.


PhotoReading Versus Speed Reading

If you plan to thrive in a world governed by explosive information growth, you must turn on more of your natural genius.  Today's Internet world is that hyper-information world.  It demands the ability to digest the ever increasing flow of information at a faster rate that yesterday.

PhotoReading is a Whole Mind Reading course.  You will learn to use key advanced reading strategies to read more in less time with greater recall.  This is not a speed reading course.  Speed reading is essentially hastened reading.  Instead of reading one word at a time, you read phrases or lines ... using your conscious mind.  We know, however, that your brain operates with more than just conscious awareness.

PhotoReading is on the leading edge of teaching you how to tap into the power of your mind.  This adds a whole new dimension to reading and comprehension.  When you use your whole mind -- which includes the other-than-conscious mind -- books become and adventure and learning becomes delightful and easy.

If You Want Too ...

 ● read more easily with better understanding
 ● improve your memory and sharpen concentration
 ● increase productivity and creativity
 ● invent whole new perspectives and approaches in life
 ● propel yourself to new levels of personal performance
 ● enhance your intuition and develop your true potential
 ● create more time in your day
 ● catapult yourself into a bright future
 ● get through information at least three times faster

then YOU need PhotoReading.

PhotoReading Accelerates Learning

At the foundation of Accelerated Learning, techniques and processes such as PhotoReading, are based on the landmark theory of seven intelligences.  This was introduced in the early 1980's by Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner.  There are at least eight different kinds of intelligences that have been identified.  A person may be gifted in any one of them, but only two -- linguistic and logical -- are encouraged in school and used when teaching traditional reading.

Through invoking other types of intelligences -- spatial, bodily, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and natural intelligence -- the amount you can learn is dramatically increased.  (See The Everyday Genius by PhotoReading expert Peter Kline -- Selected by the National Education Association as a main book selection in 1989.)

In the past 20+ years enormous breakthroughs have been made in how the brain and mind function.  Teaching and learning strategies have been developed that take advantage of the untapped power of the mind.  PhotoReading is the leading edge of applying these techniques to advanced reading.

With PhotoReading program you will learn how to activate more of the eight intelligences while you read.  You will use Accelerated Learning techniques which were first developed by Bulgarian psychologist Georgi Lazonov to teach foreign languages in as little as six weeks.

Why You Need Accelerated Learning

The "World Currency" today is knowledge.  Advances in technology, computers, and communications coupled with the global greening economy have propelled our society into an era of knowledge creation which is unsurpassed in history.  Our concept of time has moved from days, weeks, and months to one of minutes, seconds, and nanoseconds.  You cannot afford to use information gathering and reading techniques based on techniques suitable for a slower disappearing world.

You need to be able to gather information quickly, understand it more rapidly, and respond appropriately.  You need PhotoReading.

Linda Ladysmithe
Linda is one of the premier resources for PhotoReading today.  With over 25 years of success in teaching this concept of high speed learning.

Linda has a diverse educational background including a Bachelor of Arts degree from Penn State.  She is a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner and has been involved with the study of Educational Kinesiology and Integrated Awareness.

Getting It Done
This is how thousands of people around the world are going beyond more speed reading - to get their reading done ... in the time they have ... at the comprehension level they need.

Past students have said ...

"PhotoReading has given me confidence in my own ability.  The techniques I learned in class are so well integrated that I am not consciously aware of using them until after I have successfully completed a difficult project, by deadline, with an ease I wouldn't have experienced before taking PhotoReading."

J. Neal


"I've rediscovered the joy of reading!"

A. Preves


"PhotoReading works.  It not only affects your reading, it also affects other areas of your life."

M. Tappin

"I have made millions in investments using the PhotoReading system!"



"Law school was a breeze for me with PhotoReading"

R. Jennings

" I was able to complete my book in record time!"

M. Carricker

"With ADD, I thought I'd never be an author, but I am now finishing
my third book."

J. Brosnan

These are just a few of the companies that have sent individuals to PhotoReading classes:

 New England Telephone
 Control Data Corporation
 General Mills
 3M Company
 University of Minnesota
 University of Texas
 Consolidated Diesel

As seen on TV
 CBS News
 The All News Channel
 "Science Frontiers" on TLC
 "The Learning Revolution" on TPN
 "Spotlight America" with Robb Weller on The Discovery Channel, TLC and others


PhotoReadingA Building Block of Rapid Learning
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